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Private training with Mitch and Jason can include pitching, hitting, infield or outfield instruction. It’s up to you to choose what you want to work on! We help break down mechanics one step at a time to create mechanically and mentally mature baseball players. We also implement the use of video analysis to showcase how your body is working and how to use it more efficiently and effectively.


We understand that each player is different, therefore each player will possess a varied learning curve. We do not teach one right or wrong way of doing specific mechanics. We only teach the certain absolutes that remain uniform throughout all ages. Once we have established that foundation, we will continue to work to create an unique skill set for your baseball player pertaining to his or her own strengths. Ultimately, it is our job to educate and prepare these players for the next level of competition.

Player Clinics

Triple A Sport Consultants hold player clinics for baseball players looking to enhance their pitching, hitting or fielding abilities. We cover all aspects of the game by teaching players verbally, visually and hands on to ensure the information is retained. The environment that surrounds the players is upbeat, fun, and enthusiastic. Keeping players interested and attentive while possessing an enjoyable learning environment are critical variables to our wining formula.

Summer Baseball Camps

Our 3A Summer Camps are the mainspring of our development process! Assessing, Analyzing and Applying new and old skill sets within a week at the ballpark. Summer Camps include hitting, pitching, infielding, outfielding and baserunning instruction along with sport specific games throughout the day. Camps are directed towards ages 7-14 years old. If committing for a full week is an issue, no problem! We offer single day drop-in options to allow everyone to have the experience. Players should come equipped with helmet, glove, bat and lunch.

Coaching Clinics

Triple A Sport Consultants coaching clinics are envisioned to many as the foundation to their respective baseball associations. When coaches create an upbeat and dynamic learning atmosphere using our Triple A recommendations we can ensure short and long term developmental success within your teams and associations. Our coaching clinics cover coaching ethics, fundamentals/absolutes, effective practice planning and game strategy. Each section is taught within a classroom or on field setting.

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